Obama’s Daughters Lose Right to Privacy in Marketing Campaign

In an effort to push alternative meals to public school children, the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine has recently invested thousands in a campaign ad showing an 8 year old girl asking the question, “President Obama’s daughters get healthy school lunches.  Why can’t I?”

The response from the White House was immediate.  They asked the Committee to remove the ads.  Why?  Not for the message, certainly, but for using the President’s daughters in a campaign advertisement.  Apparently, it’s been an unwritten rule to leave the president’s kids out of it.  For example, when that toy company wanted to market dolls named after the President’s daughters, the First Lady stepped in and said no.  They backed off immediately.  Personally, I agree.

Regardless of the message, I think it’s an underhanded tactic to use minors, especially minors in the public eye due to who their parent(s) are, to push any agenda, without previously obtaining permission.  These children have rights, too.  The President’s children (any president, really) possess the right to their own privacy just as much as the people who think it’s ok to intrude on children’s privacy, just because they’re children, and just because those same children just so happen to have famous parents.

I notice that this hasn’t really happened before.  What does the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine think?  That it’s ok this time around, simply because these children are African-American?  I notice NOBODY dared try this when there was a Caucasian president in office.  But all of a sudden we have the Obama family occupying the White House.  Leaving politics completely out of it, I can’t help but wonder if the lax attitude of the Committee is due to an unrecognized, inner bias?  (Note, I am Caucasian myself and have never been one to stand up for another person’s rights.  Namely, because I typically don’t care—I’ve been too busy trying to just live my own life rather than worry about how others are living theirs.  But, I just can’t stand the flippant attitude of the company and I can’t help but wonder what their motivations truly are for not respecting the request of the White House to remove the advertising that mentions their daughters.)

I must question the Physician’s Committee’s ethics.  Seriously.  What really galls me is the fact that the name of the committee has the word “responsible” in it—Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine.  What?  It’s ok to push an agenda to make sure all kids get healthy lunches at the expense of the rights of two small children who don’t even fully understand why they are being used and for what.  Not really.  Not an understanding on an adult level.  Which is where responsibility comes into play.  In an effort to ensure healthier American children, I do NOT condone the complete removal of the right to privacy for two children, private citizens, who have NOT chosen to become part of the public eye (like children who decide to go into acting or singing) and I must question any organization who finds this ok.

Get with it Physician’s Committee.  Eat your losses, remove the reference to the President’s daughters, and continue on a marketing strategy that doesn’t infringe upon the rights of innocent minors.  Jerks.

3 Responses to “Obama’s Daughters Lose Right to Privacy in Marketing Campaign”

  1. There are other ways for the group to promote its agenda. Maybe they are following the philosophy of “all publicity is good publicity”? I think that’s dumb.

  2. The Republicans are using all the “scare tactics” they can think of. They have been doing this since 9/11 for any and all reasons. Until Obama can get rid of those that are still left over from the Bush Administration it will keep going. It wouldn’t matter if the President is white, black, green or polka dot, if he is a Democrat they will smear him or her.

    They tried to smear President Clinton’s daughter but he stopped that in a big hurry. They have no right to do this to the children. It is dirty politics no matter which party.

    They are gutless and they do not care for anybody but the rich or those that can fill their pockets. They proclaim they are religious and abide by God’s laws, but I wouldn’t want to be caught in a dark alley with any of them. The Democrats have some bad apples, but the Repugs are rotten to the core.

    The Republicans are running scared. It will take a long time for this country to recover from the mess the Bush Administration put us in and everything President Obama does will be criticized by the Repugs and those that do not use common sense.

  3. I’d normally agree other than the Democrats have been doing the same thing . This quid-pro-quo thing is getting old and takes away from what the real issues are. By focusing the public on these silly things and the word games being played the only real losers are us.

    Personally, I don’t care what your party affiliation is, nor what color you claim to be (or not claim to be). It boils down to the following: We voted you in to office (senate, house, president, local government, etc) to represent us…and you’re doing a really crappy job. The people want to feel secure, not only with our borders, but with jobs, and stability. They’re failing to do that in a huge way. When you see our bonds and markers being sold to China (which, for all practical purposes, now owns a majority stake in this country), it begs the question: Who really runs this place?

    Our taxes will continue to rise with no benefit seen from it. We continue to educate our children at a lower level and thus continue to lower our competitiveness on the global market. We continue to allow special interests to rule the law versus the actual majority of folks that would love a well balanced budget and open disclosure of our elected officials.

    I love my country, however, I can see us going down a path that continues to spiral downward.

    Just my two cents worth (which surely ain’t worth that now – )

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