No go on the interview…

So as a follow up, I went on interview yesterday based on my new cool resume.  Surprise, surprise, it was a group interview and none of us knew this nor were told.  (First flag, of many.)  I was not one of those selected to move on to an immediate one-on-one.  Totally shocked me and another girl there.  I am very qualified and it was very apparent.  I left and was depressed all day.  Could not figure that one out, and still can’t.  The only thing I can think of is that I’m so qualified that they’d have to pay me on the upper end of the hiring scale and they know it.  The people that I saw that they picked to stay for interviews had no prior experience in this particular field, based on what they said during the group interview.  How interesting…

So I’ve been reflecting over this whole thing and have come the this conclusion:  it’s for the best.  They apparently want people they can pay less (thanks  you damned crappy economy and thanks to all you crumballs who took on mortgages you couldn’t afford–yes, you folks are part of the problem, too).  So fine.  Hire all inexperienced people, train them, and hope they can pull in your clients for you.  Don’t bother putting in a mix—some experience and some not–it’s too expensive in the short run, isn’t it?  Can’t think long term?  That, amongst other reasons I won’t discuss (because it gives to much away about the identity of the company), is why it’s probably best I didn’t move on with them.  I would’ve been suckered into a job with a company with middle management employees who can’t see the light at the end of a tunnel.

But then again, isn’t middle management, especially lower middle management, the Achilles’ heel of nearly all corporations?

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