CraigsList adventure follow up

I told myself I wasn’t gonna do it, but I couldn’t resis the lure.  I posted the follow up below.  Responses follow.  (By the way, regardless of what I said, I never did respond to anyone’s email. Too time consuming and I had better things to do with my time.)

Wow and holy cow!  One thing’s for certain:  post something like what I did and it certainly invites opinion.

As expected, some emails I received were a bit rudish:

•               “No body reads all that shit.”

•               “And the point for all that was?”

•               “sorry but I had to laugh at your post, you either have had a serious problem on CL or you just have a serious chip on your shoulder. I am (age given, I’ve removed to maintain privacy) and one thing life has taught me is to look at yourself before you take your rage out on others!”  (Hadn’t realized I was in a “rage”.)

•               “if you really want to give advice, why not learn something first? …”  (I was trying to learn—I did ask you guys to correct me if I was wrong about the whole ‘bot and SPAM thing.)”

•               “… They will continue to say so whether you ask them to or not. …”  “ … Some people are stupid. Deal with it. …”  (More from same the guy pointing out the obvious to me, as if I didn’t know these things already.)

Some made me laugh:

•               “No body reads all that shit.”

•               “… My fiance and I are very sexy and are looking for a woman to spoil from time to time. …(skipping some dialogue here)… Just in case, attached is sexy pic of me that he took last year while vacationing in CR.”  (there was no pic attached)

•               “hey you did i scare u off?

•               “… Oh, I also love and agree with, the part about “ an intelagant woman”. (spelled wrong on purpose) hoping to get a laugh. Nothing cracks me up more than a woman that says she likes to hunt and fish and long walks on the beach, usually spoken by someone that doesn’t own a gun, fishing rod or has spent time on the Oregon coast outside the months of July or August. …”

•               “… And this is not a thinly veiled attempt to hit on you. I’m just horribly bored at work right now.”  (From the guy above pointing out the obvious to me.  From the gist of his email, I did not assume his email was a “thinly veiled attempt to hit on me”.  But the whole bored-at-work comment took the whole sting off, and I laughed uproariously when I read that line.)

Some were definitely not a thinly veiled attempt to hit on me:
•               “Hi. I am very good with  my hands- fix anythink.  My favor- windsurf , snow ski, hiking, kyaking,fishing- salmon- steelhead, swimming, hot spring-skinny dip and travel. Also…”  (This continued on…)

•               “i dont know what pushed your buttons or piss you off but theirs nice guys out their like me so no billshit from both of use you want to talk or not i like straight up people that dont bullshit people ok like you  ok well talk”

Many of you Gentlemen had kind and constructive things to say.  Thank you.

Many of you expressed appreciation.  Thank you for your generosity.

Some of you mentioned that it goes both ways. (Duh!  I’ll borrow the words from one of you guys and switch it around:  There are women out there that make me ashamed to be female.)

Some few of you definitively educated me on the problem of ‘bots and SPAM, and rather politely I might add.  I had absolutely no idea how bad it was for you guys and that the ‘bots can make an email look legitimate—even for 2 or 3 exchanges!  I admit, I was very, very wrong and I sincerely apologize for my prior comments on this.  I definitely appreciate the education.  If and/or when I answer a man’s ad in the future, I will remember to comply with his request to prove I’m a real person and not think unkindly of him for asking for the proof.  I will also pass this information on to the women I know of who responds to the occasional CL ad, too.

I did get quite a few emails and I cannot and will not respond to them all.  However, there were some that I found quite clever or charming in some way, for whatever random reason, and so I do wish to respond those people; but, it will take me a bit of time to weed through my emails, and then to think up the appropriate individual responses to those clever and/or charming emails.

One last thing: it was never, and still is not, my intention to meet someone based off my original post (and now this one, too).  But, I still won’t rule out that cheap coffee and a moment of time out of my life, if that’s the way the ball rolls.

(*Sigh.*  Will probably get more hate mail or something over this damned post.


RESPONSE #1:  (I saw this and thought, “Oh crap. I hope they’re not all like this.)

Maybe you want to talk to someone who is not critical, judgmental or demeaning. I live up the hill in M—. I moved here from MN. in Jan. Im looking to make some new friends. You can see who I am at my my url  is  *****  Well if you want hit me back. Good luck with the c-list thing. I posted and got nothing but crap back. Dating services etc…   (signed) A—

RESPONSE #2:  (What an ass, but it is funny, I have to admit.)

lets see the GASH!

RESPONSE #3:  (This guy just went on and on.  And on…zzzzzzzzz….)

I guess I missed your post on the first time around because what ever it was you posted it must have cause quiet some mixed feelings ?

Anyway just a note about Craig’s list spam and other garbage I personal get when I post my information here .

So here are some trash spam that I get from Craig’s list personal adds.

Dating site age and personality verification scams .

Dating sites verification if you are a felon or a criminal, what a joke of a scam Really !

Porn sites and links to Porn sites .

Women using C- list to promote their own Porn sites.

Women using C-list to scam men into paying their bills, well that is not new as most women at one time or another use men in this way and women use the thought of getting sex on me, then the men kind of loose their common sense sometimes and open their wallets, Been there done that in my teens and 20’s now I am 49 and stay almost clear of most American women now I date 98% of the time Romanian or Ukrainian women who have better morrals with a much more pleasant culture and wonderful personality’s than American women .

My last date in P—– could not hardly wait to be wined and dinned, she was yapping all through dinner how poor she was working in Salem at some potato chip plant, and yapping how always she was hungry, she even forked all my scraps off my plate and ate them to !
She also slugged down 9 glasses of wine to !
Then she went to the bath room and slipped out the back door to leave me sitting at the table wondering what is taking her so long in the bathroom ! 
Really American women here are really pethedic imorral people and should live at live 3 years inEastern Europe and requiered to date Russian and Ukrainian men then they will have better morrals when they come back to the U.S . 

The women using this site for sex for hire is possible at 75% I personal think . 

I even have been sent a link to kiddy porn site, OH my god that is scarry garbage to come acrose in your E mail !

The Nigerian and Ghana African scams are also possible about 50% here also .
I have seen C-list postings with womens Photo’s that match many of the Nigerian scams sent to my mail box just out of the good old internet land .

Even in couples seeking single men for 3 somes there is scamer posings.
Any listing dealing with people meeting people I personal believe there is 98% scams in the listings directed at men most of all . 

Something I am seeing is before anyone writes a message to a women on C-list is check the listing of other country’s on Craig’s list to look for the same womens Photo in another country .
So many women on here show up in many different country’s with the exact Photo’s . 
It looks also like womens post without Photo’s are the largest portions of scams on C-list !
Some are quite sly scam spamers waiting for the exchange of 3-4 letters exchanged then sliping you their spam garbege . 
Anyway enjoy your day .

RESPONSE #4: (No thanks.  I’m done now.)

Keep ’em coming!  I really enjoy reading them. Yours appear to be the  
only ones on CL with any intellect!

RESPONSE #5:  (Uh, no.  I have no desire to go looking at your posts.  Eww.)

Dear Update;

My oh my, you are certainly verbal!  I can relate, I tend to be a chatterbox myself when allowed to be, but mostly have learned to be quiet and reserved around “normal” people.

I am extremely intelligent and talented, and scare most folks, and would like to find those that don’t flinch when my IQ is showing.  Ok, I have to admit, sometimes I have to use spell check, but nobody’s perfect, right? 🙂

Please see my craigslist postings (with my pictures) at:



Not expecting a reply (am getting used to it), but just in case, please put my handle D—-C in the front of the subject line, I’m getting scores of bot mailings a day, and need to separate the  needle sharp gal I’m looking for, from a LOT of hay!

Good luck in your searches, I know I could use some! 🙂

D—-C M—— O—-

RESPONSE #6:  (Finally!  A nice, normal, quick email.  Thank you Mr. Guy, whomever you are.)


Thanks for the status report.  Seriously.  

And yeah…the bots are killing me.  

You should do more of this.  (Ask a few pointed 
questions, and then publish a synopsis.)  

Your Q&A and the subsequent status report are 
more interesting and useful than half of the 
ads, here.  

– M.

RESPONSE #7:  (Hey, he spelled everything right–woot!)

you talk too much…and say nothing.  GL to ya.

RESPONSE #8:  (If this guy is looking for that much entertainment on CL, he needs to go read “the best of” section.)

Lol, thanks for sharing some of those comments. It’s real annoying how people can take a perfectly fine post and apply ( crying, anger, or what not to it ) and their are real people at the end of these posts ? and here i thought it was all just bots and spam, can i get some more spam im starving over here! lol

RESPONSE #9:  (Actually, the purpose of my posts was strictly for my own entertainment in moments of boredom.)

Dear O—- C—,

I’m glad that you have taken such a wonderful view of the variety of responses that you received to your post.  There are many positions that you could have taken to the variety, I appreciate the healthy view.

As far as going to meet someone over a bad cup of coffee…well, good coffee is savored and anyone who arranges a meeting somewhere where they serve bad coffee, is really ot someone you want to meet anyway. He he he

Good luck with the purpose of your posts.  Ha ha ha

RESPONSE #10:  (Uh, what?  Discern from life, blah, blah, blah.  Life mate?  Is he kidding?  Run away!  Run away!)


Well First i like to tell you what i feel about the dating world of now a days………..In the dating world, it seems that everyone expects the love of their life to fall from a tree and knock them dizzy with bliss. The facts of the matter are hardly as hit-and-miss as our secret desires would like them to be. When someone has a spell of good luck, its rarely because of some undeserved, haphazard gift bestowed upon them. If you look back to the period prior to any favorable happenings, youll discover a lot of hard work and planning were most likely involved. There is truth in the belief that the effort you put into something will be equal to the result you receive and that is why i have come on here to eek my heart desire and to know what and what to do in other to make a rightful decision.Where people usually go wrong with this formula is extending the wrong type of effort. The same is true for finding a life mate.If you dont discern what you want or expect from your life, youre never going to get it.You wouldnt expect a business person to start a new business without researching the field and discovering if its a suitable fit. Yet, people consistently dive into the dating pool without first making sure of what they want. if you truly understand what it means to have a soul mate.Here you can get in touch with me on (d—–

Well i think have rambled enough here and i should attached my picture now for you to see….Hope you like them.


RESPONSE #11:  (Why do people assume that if they mention they are Italian, it gives them an edge?  I don’t state that I’m French. Or Vietnamese, which I don’t look. With the “arrrrr”, maybe he’s a pirate!  Cool!  Pirates!  Didn’t know Italy did the pirate thing, tho.)

“Cheap coffee and moment of time”— just toooo “cute” you are..

You just can NOT be this smart, intelligent, witty, AND like massages from a sensual, fun, smart Italian guy….  say it ain’t so….  arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

And you can NOT enjoy Trader Joe’s wine and an open window and crisp sheets??? Tell me you don’t like light kisses on your neck, and the touch of gentle lips on your earlobes…Just tell me that you’re not THAT purr-fect.  Please.  That way I can just get on with my life…

Thank you.

RESPONSE #12:  (Last one.  I promise.  And the answer is “yes”.)

Is there a range of age outside of which you don’t date?

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