10 reasons why I don’t care Michael Jackson’s gone

1.  Freaky nose.

2.  Freaky color–what happened to his nice black skin?  I’m white and I think he looked great on his Off The Wall album cover.

3.  What’s up with the monkey thing?  Weirdo.

4.  Neverland Ranch.  Wtf?  Grow up already.  Ya baby.

5. Child molesting charges.   Acquitted or not, he still caved and settled in a civil suit.

6.  Wore pajamas to court.

7.  Stupid face mask thingy.

8.  Dangling your kid over a balcony and thinking nothing of it.

9.  That stupid glove, those glittery clothes, and the red zippered coat in the 80’s that everyone (it seemed) copied and wore.  Gah!

10. Oxygen bed.  Again, weirdo.

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