Human nature

*Good. Noun

  1. Morally excellent; virtuous.
  2. Honorable or worthy.

*Goodness. Noun

  1. Moral excellence, virtue.
  2. Kindly feelings, kindness, generosity.
  3. Excellence of quality.
  4. The best part of anything.

*Definition excerpts taken from

The hope and the search for innate human goodness is a futile one.  Man, in his infinite wisdom, has it built into him to be selfish, cruel, and unfeeling towards his fellow man.  An excellent example of this particular side of human nature is the bald study presented in the film “Dogville”.  There is no love, no true kindness, and no compassion for the poor wretch seeking simple human goodness and truth.

There exist men and women who have never heard the words “I love you” from a woman or a man and will never marry or have a family; yet, those same people are good at heart.  The search for pureness of love, goodness of spirit, and a loyal nature remain elusive.  These people, at long last, let go of the hope, having it wrung out of them like wet dishtowels twisted ’round hard to squeeze every last drop that can be gotten out of them.

Adulthood is accepting reality as it currently exists.  Many force that reality around them through sheer power of will, endurance, or luck.  Many still follow the reality as it is.  Whichever adult you come to be, the reality as it exists through the span of your lifetime, shapes you in the end (and not necessarily at the end of your life.)  Just as it shaped that poor simple wretch from a good human being to one who finally took the reins of power and forced her reality, in the end, to one which, although negative, was more accepting than the base raw circumstances of the terrible reality she was forced to endure, accepted, and forgave until she could endure, accept, and forgive it no longer.  This is truer of the inner workings of the adult train of secret and deeply tucked away thoughts and feelings than any other in the world.

The difference, however, is in how one chooses to act in a polite and civilized society, or current reality.  Most people still hold to the hope of a “better tomorrow”.  What is true is that the holding of the hope presents a stronger front for people than facing the truth:  that the hope is indeed futile.  It is ironic that the holding of hope is more fulfilling that the actual fulfillment of hope.  Why is it true that hope is futile?

Most will argue.  Humankind is innately good.  People don’t act upon impulses.  We don’t kill or rob people en mass. While this is indeed true, it does not hide the fact that people are not, innately, good.  The need for survival supersedes goodness.  Survival does include food, clothing, and shelter, yet it is the evolvement of the type and quality of the food, clothing, and shelter that has erased any innate goodness in man as a whole.  The need to be better, to feel better, to live better, than one’s neighbor, the need to show that I am better than you outweigh all other considerations in mankind as a whole.  Selfishness.  Lack of personal responsibility.  In the raw.  This is today’s society and our reality as it currently exists.

Naked truth is always feared and rejected, scorned and thrown by the wayside, ignored and covered over with a more beautiful-seeming, more accepting point of view.  Yet, for those of you who must hope, take heart and consider, for there is hope for the individual, rather than for mankind itself.  Just as in “Dogville”, there do exist rare individuals who are indeed good people.  The hope is that current reality does not crush that individual’s goodness.  So continue to hope on, and on, and on….



For those of you who claim happiness with your life, continue to fool yourselves and wallow blindly in the cesspool of utter human filth that our current reality IS.

For those you who believe neither, more power to you, for you have no strong feeling either way.

Lastly, consider this:  do I really believe all this drivel that I just babbled on about or am I just morbidly entertaining myself because I’m bored again?


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